Taxation practice is the forte of our Firm. Our senior partners have extensive experience as Civil Service officers in the Federal Board of Revenue. In addition to income and corporate taxation, our tax practice covers sales tax, excises, professional and trade taxes, property taxes, client representation and interfacing with the government organizations to afford administrative solutions.

We provide end-to-end advice and solutions for our clients ranging from Foreign investment, transaction planning and restructuring, assessments, mediation, appeals and litigation.

WTO Laws

Hassan Kamran Bashir understands dynamics, mechanism and issues of the WTO regime. We offer a complete range of consultancy services including the areas of complaint & grievance handling and international litigation. We help structure business strategies of the clients in view of the challenges and opportunities in this very important area.

Corporate, Banking & Finance

Our corporate practice covers a wide spectrum of sub-areas and activities both domestically and internationally. We advise clients on all corporate issues including incorporation, commencement, initial public offering (IPO), corporate governance, directors’ liability, secularization, Corporate Finance, Stock Exchange Listing, re-structuring, re-rehabilitation, SECP Compliance and litigation, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), spin-offs and winding-up.

For our clients in the Banking, leasing and Insurance industry we offer drafting of and advice on all documents pertaining to the financing including financial agreements and security documents like mortgage deeds, memorandum of deposit of title deeds, hyphenation agreements, floating charges, pari passu agreements, etc. We advise on the validity of properties required as securities. This includes complete verification processes in the relevant forums and revenue records.

We handle litigation, incorporation and compliance related issues and represent clients before regulatory, administrative, and judicial authorities.

Public Policy & Development

With our partners and associates having strong background of working with the Government of Pakistan and donor organizations, we have a strong resource base for providing legal consulting services in:

  • Public administration
  • Legislative & policy instruments
  • Public sector reforms
  • Development policy and execution
  • Public Finance management
  • Intellectual Property
  • Public Private Partnership

Our firm has helped government and UNICEF authorities compile a compendium of all child related statutes in the country and also assisted the government, civil society and the legislature on developing legal frameworks on gender related issues.

We have in-depth understanding of the legal as well as the institutional frameworks, which bind the governments and private entrepreneurs into a mutually beneficial relationship We are also proud to state that we have drafted the PPP statutes for the Sindh and have been associated with the statute building in Punjab.

we advise various tiers of national and sub-national governments on devising legal frame works for responsive governance & development.

Regulatory Affairs

NKM has the pool of knowledge and experience to deal with specialized laws and regulatory authorities such as Securities & Exchange Commission, stock exchanges, competition commission of Pakistan, Privatization Commission of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan and administrative ministries both at federal and provincial levels. We aim to facilitate our clients and ease the burden of compliance.


Seen in a modern perspective and in a cultural setting where courts represent the established tradition, arbitration can be regarded as an unorthodox and innovative method of settling disputes. In this context, arbitration is a response to questions that have been left unanswered within the judicial system; an innovative institution that meets specific needs that courts do not deal with satisfactorily. Arbitration provides a prompt and efficient method of resolving disputes, which is more expeditious and less costly as compared with the litigation.

NKM has a specialized wing addressing the needs of the clients preferring the processes of Arbitration regime. Hassan Kamran received his training in the subject at Harvard from Professor Amr Shalakany.